Mentorship Program

For the past several years, our actives and young alumnae have expressed interest in an informal mentoring program where young Cap and Gown women can contact alumnae with similar education, experiences, and interests.  If you are a Cap and Gown alumna and would like to lend some of your time and expertise to mentor a Cap and Gown woman, we could use your help!

Program Details
Cap & Gown matches Cap & Gown alumnae with Cap & Gown actives based on areas of interest.  Typically, families consist of two-six Cap & Gowners.  We strive to include a mix of local Bay Area-based and non-local alumnae, as well as young alumnae and senior alumnae in each group.  The time commitment depends on the specific mentorship family – of course, the more time you can give, the more you will get out of the program!

How do I sign up?
Please enter your information here or attach our Mentors Program form (download here) in your correspondence (questions reproduced below).
Please include the following information:

Areas of Expertise:
Permanent Email (e.g or
Phone Number:
Initial Contact Preference (e-mail, phone, either):

Cap & Gown Mentoring Involvement (please ‘X’ all that
__I am interested in establishing an official mentoring relationship with an active/group of actives
__ I am available to participate in Cap & Gown mentoring events such as panel discussions and social gatherings
__ I am available for light phone and/or email correspondence

Questions?  Email stanford.capandgown [at] or write to us at:

Mentors Program
c/o Cap and Gown
PO Box 19005
Stanford, CA 94309