From the Outgoing Actives President

This last year was terrific for Cap & Gown! A huge and well-deserved shout-out goes to all the Alumnae Board Members who work tirelessly for the organization, to the previous Actives leadership, and to Vice Presidents Sara Silberstein and Nruthya Madappa. I know of no other group at Stanford that is as well supported by its alums and we students are so grateful for the time and effort you all give. It was a special joy to work with Kathy Chou, Alumnae Board President, Samantha Lasarow, 2010 Actives President, and Madison Gilbertson, Alumnae Board member.

Sara, Nruthya, and I really wanted to build the Cap & Gown community this year so we focused on hosting events where our Actives could relax from the stresses of school and meet each other. We started off by delivering roses to each new Actives member at her dorm room when she was selected from a highly competitive applicant pool. Bonding over frozen yogurt on campus in the fall was a popular activity and the Actives class was able to get to know each other better. Winter quarter brought some rain, but also adorable puppies and relaxing massages during finals week. And in the Spring, Cap & Gown co-hosted a screening of “Miss Representation,” a documentary which examines how women are misrepresented in the media, and what we can do to combat this.

Puppies and Massages IMG_0481 b&w                                                                                     Puppies and Massages IMG_0478 b&w

Thanks to great planning by the Alumnae Board, Tapping Tea, Winter Welcome, and the Spring Luncheon were high quality events that many will remember for years. Shari Young Kuchenbecker was so creative and efficient in planning the speaker, raffle, jewelry sale, photographs, decorations, and the list goes on for our new and very successful Spring Luncheon.

I am confident the new Actives leadership, Kristen Glass, Jacquelyn Wong, and Hannah Belitz, will have an amazing year and I can’t wait to hear about all they have planned.

I tearfully graduated in June and am currently in Beijing studying Chinese Diplomacy at Peking University as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. I am studying Mandarin, and having a good time meeting new people and exploring the country. If you have any questions about the year, or will be visiting China, drop me a line at From my time as President, I personally learned a lot about leading an organization and am thankful to the Alumnae and Actives for their trust and patience. I look forward to being an active Cap and Gown member for many years.

Thank you!

Reagan Thompson