Students Board

The Students Board serves as the liaison between actives and the Alumnae Board.  The Students Board organizes and hosts events and activities of interest to actives.

Please contact us through the Co-Presidents [at] emails if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

2020-2021 Students Board


Rachel Portillo, Co-President 

Rachel is returning as co-president of Cap and Gown. She joined as frosh after hanging out with Michelle Galloway, Eleanor Walker, and Ellen Petrill after Spring Brunch for three hours! Originally from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, she studies Earth Systems. Her favorite part about being a four-year member of Cap and Gown is the new people she gets to meet each year both on the alumni side and the students/actives side.





Jess De Suza, Co-President

Jess is returning as co-president of Cap and Gown. She is from London and majoring in Management Science and Engineering. Jess joined Cap and Gown her first quarter at Stanford after becoming close to her mentor Carol Benz whom she met at Winter Welcome. It is intergenerational  connections like these as well as a passion for womxn leadership and intersectionality that keep Jess excited about Cap and Gown and eager to continue spreading its influence on campus.





Monica Tavassoli, VP of Finance

Monica is this year’s VP of Finance. She is a current sophomore from Santa Ana, CA and is studying Management Science and Engineering. Monica joined Cap and Gown as a frosh after Rachel introduced her to the warmth of the community. Her favorite part about being part of Cap and Gown is the opportunity to connect with alumni and build relationships with inspirational leaders.





Tricia Monte, VP of Marketing










Selaine Rodriguez, Media Chair

Selaine Rodriguez is this year’s Media Chair. Selaine is originally from El Paso, TX, and is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Her other interests include psychology, education, and music. Her favorite aspect of Cap & Gown is the community with the Alumni, and all the wisdom and advice that upperclassmen and alumni are always open to share.






Meg Richey, Mentorship Chair











Grace Bagga, Alumni Relations Chair

Grace Bagga is the Alumni Relations Chair. She is a sophomore majoring in Psychology, minoring in Data Science, and planning a Coterm in Communication. She is originally from Louisville, KY. Her favorite part of Cap and Gown is learning from and building relationships with the community of students and alumni.






Fatima Karim, Fall Recruitment Chair

Fatima Karim is this year’s Fall Recruitment Chair. She is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering from Georgetown, Guyana, a small country in South America. She hopes to minor in Korean, and coterm in Energy Resources Engineering. She loves to talk about energy innovations, and environmental justice. Her love for Cap and Gown is rooted in the ability to be in a community of womxn leaders who are at once inspirational and supportive.






Natalie Hampton, Spring Brunch Chair

Natalie Hampton is this year’s Spring Brunch Chair. She is a junior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. She is interested in child development and hopes to go in clinical psychology & counseling. Her favorite aspect of Cap and Gown is the amazing community and ability to connect with powerful & inspiring Stanford women!







Barbara Sanford, Winter Welcome Chair

Barbara Sanford is this year’s Winter Welcome Chair. She is a sophomore from Santa Cruz, California. Although she is majoring in International Relations, her other interests include literature, psychology, and history, and education. Barbara’s favorite thing about Cap and Gown is that it fosters incredible alumni-active connections.